happy child

conception, scenography, direction : nathalie béasse / with étienne fague, karim fatihi, erik gerken, anne reymann, camille trophème / lighting : natalie gallard / Music score: julien parsy  / sound technician: antoine monzonis-calvet / Sculpture : corinne forget


All is white

A small black dot is getting bigger in the middle

They are coming

It would be like a tale, with chapters

A voice-cover would describe memories, anecdotes

There would be characters with double personalities,

We could see their dark side, when they are turning back, only with a different

Glance or just when they nod

A kind of happy detective story

A family is meeting up to celebrate an event,

then a disappearance,

a plot

Coming back into someone else’s body

They are suddenly playing at children’s games,

Stories about twins,

about what is unspoken

Very sensual relationship and sometimes excessive scripts about disappearance,

Excuses for playing like children,

Not knowing when the game is over

Disappearances like lapses of memory

Giving symbols to acts, like in tales, we would get mystery firmly in our mind

And we get lost in the forest

Here the forest is this family, is this living-room, is this very moment when they

Are meeting when they are looking at each other an uprooted tree is ready

To fall down, it is put there, in the middle of all that and of bags of earth

The bodies are like rocks, with their blankets those people become biblical landscape

I want to magnify their drift.


I would like to elucidate the relationship between the family with all that is unspoken, its brutality in the face of silence, and then the sensation of lacking, linked to absence, the disappearance of the father and mother figures and paradoxically to their rejection.


How one hides behind masks, how one becomes someone else. The idea of the mask, the simulacrum. Like children. Instinctive. Really work on instinct.


A kind of macabre dance within a family ...


Nathalie Béasse



hapy child has been created 20th November 2008 at Le Quai/Open Arts/CNDC, Angers.

production : association le sens / coproductions : EPCC Le Quai, and the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine, Angers - France

with support from the Ministère de la Culture et de la communication / DRAC des Pays de la Loire,  the Département de Maine et Loire, the Ville d’Angers and Mécène & Loire.


happy child was performed at the Biennale de Venice 2017 with support from the Région des pays de la Loire in partnership with Institut français.

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Thu, September 19 2019 - 07:00 PM

La Rose des Vents, scène nationale - Villeneuve d'Ascq

Fri, September 20 2019 - 08:00 PM

La Rose des Vents, scène nationale - Villeneuve d'Ascq

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