mes petites météorites - in situ 3

le pont qui mène nulle part (the bridge to nowhere)

with étienne fague, erik gerken, sabrina delarue, karim fatihi

a bridge overlooking the valley, three arches of concret.... alone in the middle of nowhere, between the old Tremblay and the airport, like a UFO, surrealiste and useless. Nevertheless featured in the setting of promenant scene in the film Pierrot le Fou, with Jean-Paul Belmondo...
A cult reference for Nathalie Béasse : "Météorites in Tremblay is like a hommage to Godard and Pierrot.... we will search the emerging and the falls around this bridge that leads to nowhere, to trace a story of cimema..."

in partnership with the theatre louis aragon in tremblay-en-france

coproduction : association le sens et le Théâtre Louis Aragon – scène conventionnée / Tremblay-en-France