mes petites météorites - in situ 6

in les alpilles

conception nathalie béasse
with mounira barbouch, nicolas chavet, estelle delcambre, clément goupille, julien parsy
technician natalie gallard

"A walk not far from your place, in the Alpilles
you're stopped in your steps
to watch, to listen
they emerge, like souvenirs
like explosions
like fruit
like flaws in the landscape"
Nathalie Béasse

Accompanied by performers, dancers and musicians, Nathalie Béasse is inspired by an exterior environment, of a space that she will invest in with bodies, sounds and texts that bring the public to look upon the landscape or architecture with a new perspective. Depending on the time, on the natural light everything can be seen differently. Greatly inspired by cinematography, she works with the depth of the image we see, the frame, what’s outside the frame, with the materials that we have at the tips of our fingers. Everything must be taken into account. Playing with our environment, to be in the extreme observation of what is being created in front of us, a path, a bush, a hole, a wall...
coproduction : association le sens, le Théâtre d'Arles and in corealisation with the CNAR-le citron jaune

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