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workshops inspired by the story of Jean Seberg during the Venise International Theatre Festival
31st july - 10th august 2017
conception nathalie béasse
with giulio cavallini, clara de pin, davide dolores, ugo flore, estelle franco, jeanne brouaye, joana knezevic, sena lippi, eleonora panizzo, anna rot, emilia verginelli, matteo vignati, hervé walbecq

We will be working from the story of Jean Seberg, on her films, her political stand and her intermate life.

The actor will be moving between a story, a speach, an emotion, an image, a piece of music, a dialogue from a film...

We will be searching and researching a sensitive approach on the physical body, intimate and shareable, listening to ones self and others, to ones sensations, in a simple encounter. The actor will work on an image both private and public of Jean Seberg as well as bring their own individuality. So that this story becomes stories, to be able to appraoch this woman in her own time, to hear her voice, to discover more than just her and ourselves...

for more information: Biennale College -Teatro workshop