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aux éclats...

concept and direction by nathalie béasse / with étienne fague, clément goupille, stéphane imbert / music julien parsy / lighting natalie gallard / sound technician tal agam or nicolas lespagnol-rizzi / stage technician max belland / set construction julien boizard, corinne forget, philippe ragot

I will continue to work the themes around human nature, our frustrations and obstacles… I will continue to work with the body, the space and all the objects found in a theatre. I will continue to search the apparent uneasiness of the human nature, taking words by their first meaning along with their flaws.??It is like a show within a show, I open the curtains, and discover the multiple possibilities of telling a story; I enter into a sensitive world of colours, flesh, words of emotion, and gradually find a way through all this to bring it together.??I want to break the forth wall, using and miss-using theatre objects, getting to the essential, making do with what I have to hand, on the stage in the theatre. I want to laugh at the serious moments, I want to search something more than a character, find other beings. I want to be in the present moment, putting everything at the same level, so that  the music gets into the flesh, the text seeps out of the objects, and the lighting drowns in the set…
I will continue de search the seemingly uneasiness of humans, taking the basic sense of words, and looking at the  ‘deviations’ and the ‘flaws’, working with the full and the overflowing…

Close to installation, close to cinema, I continue to search a language, to construct people’s stories, to make our hearts beat.
There are three men to pull the strings of this story, three  ‘buster keatons’.
Watch them fall and argue until crying with laughter, watch them overcome the obstacles with tears.

A composition of music accompanies this story, filled with catastrophes and twists of events. These obstacles are the partners of the performance, the play must continue to go on despite the falls.

production : association le sens

coproduction : la Comédie de Clermont Ferrand - scène nationale, le Quai - CDN Angers / Pays de la Loire, le Théâtre de la Bastille – Paris, le Théâtre de Lorient - CDN, La Halle aux grains - scène nationale / Blois

with support in residency : Le Cargo - Segré, Centre Culturel ABC – La Chaux-de-Fonds (Suisse), Le Théâtre – scène nationale de Saint-Nazaire, CNDC - Angers
premier at the Quai - CDN Angers / Pays de la Loire in November 2019.

available for tour

past shows

2021 | May, 11

théâtre quartier libre - Ancenis (France)

2021 | April, 1 - 2

la halle aux grains - scène nationale - Blois (France)

2021 | 17 - March 19

la comédie, cdn de saint-étienne - Saint-Etienne (France)

2021 | 26 - January 29

théâtre universitaire - Nantes (France)

2020 | December, 15 - 16

théâtre Sorano - Toulouse (France)

2020 | November, 24

l'espal - scène nationale - Le Mans (France)
audiodescription* (cancelled)

2020 | November, 12 - 13

la halle aux grains - scène nationale - Blois (France)

2020 | November, 6

le cargo - Segré (France)

2020 | September, 14 - October, 8

théâtre de la bastille - Paris (France)

2020 | 11 - February 13

Théâtre de Lorient, CDN - Lorient

2019 | December, 10 - 11

TSQY, scène nationale - Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

2019 | 21 - November 28

La Comédie, scène nationale - Clermont-Ferrand

2019 | November, 4 - January, 17

Le Quai - CDN - Angers


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