horizons : habiter le théâtre par nathalie béasse - théâtre varia, bruxelles belgique

18th  January - 1st Febuary 2024

For more than 20 years, the work of Nathalie Béasse have been widely acclaimed on the greatest French and European stages, from the Venice Biennale to the Avignon Festival.
Until now, however, she had never had the opportunity to show her work in Belgium. TheThéâtre Varia, located in the heart of Brussels in the European district, has decided to devote to it in January 2024 to Nathalie Béasse's work. Three weeks dedicated within the Théâtre Varia program, to take the time to navigate in the singular imagination of this major figure of the contemporary scene, and establish a privileged dialogue with her, around four shows from her repertoire: aux éclats..., le bruit des arbres qui tombent, tout semblait immobile, ceux-qui-vont-contre-le-vent.

Coline Struyf, director Théâtre Varia.

aux éclats... / 17th - 20th January 2024
le bruit des arbres qui tombent / 24th - 27th January 2024
tout semblait immobile / 27th January - 1st Febuary 2024
ceux-qui-vont-contre-le-vent / 30th January - 1st Febuary 2024

artist talks, workshops and other events will be announced at a later date. 
théâtre varia 

paysage #1 - le maillon, strasbourg

paysage # 1 - march 2022

le maillon, strasbourg, France


10 days with the company nathalie béasse 

3 shows :

tout semblait immobile - 16th to 19th march 2022

ceux-qui-vont-contre-le-vent - 17th to 18th march 2022

aux éclats… - 24th to 26th march 2022

along with workshops, talks and a public interwiew

occupation #3 - le théâtre de la bastille, paris

« making space for vunerability, claiming it like an artistic experience, human and political, this is what is being proposed for the third Occupation orchestrated by Nathalie Béasse and her company » Géraldine Chaillou

13th may until 29th June 2019, during 7 weeks the company presents : 
- four shows - happy child, tout semblait immobile, roses and le bruit des arbres qui tombent
- daily short site spectific performances : histoires courtes
-  workshops for amateurs : open doors
- workshops for professionels : retrouvailles
- a musical performance: guitare héros
- un work in progress of aux éclats…
- a meal with the public


Fabien Ribery - 12th october 2020
Occuper un théâtre comme on habite une maison, par Sylvain Duffard et Nathalie Béasse - by Fabien Ribery
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Mouvement - 20th june 2019
Occupation Bastille 3 - by Léa Poiré
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Mouvement - 16th june 2019
Retrouvailles - by Aïnhoa Jean-Calmettes
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Libération - 30th may 2019
Nathalie Béasse, attention au fragile - by Anne Diatkine
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traversée d’une œuvre - la comédie de clermont-ferrand

In 2019, Nathalie Béasse became associate artiste at la Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand scène nationale pour trois années for a three-year period. In spring, for four weeks La Comédie presents four of Nathalie Béasse works from her repertoire previously presented at The Venise Biennale - happy child, tout semblait immobile, roses and le bruit des arbres qui tombent, inviting the public to discover this journey through her work.

along with talks and workshops for schools/colleges organised by and with the complicity of La comédie and the education team.

biennale de venise - italie

For the 45th edition of the international theatre festival, Venice Biennale the director Antonio Latella chose to programme femmale theatre directors.
Among those invited, Nathalie Béasse presented from 28th July until 13th August 2017 four works from her repertoire - happy child, tout semblait immobile, roses and le bruit des arbres qui tombent – and directs an international masterclass for professional artists: all you need...

théâtre permanent gwenaël morin - théâtre du point du jour, lyon

Following the principle behind the project Théâtre Permanent developped by Gwenaël Morin, the company nathalie béasse invested the théâtre du point du jour à Lyon for four months, september to december 2016.

We presented three shows - happy child, tout semblait immobile, roses – shared work in progress: le bruit des arbres qui tombent, created daily site specific performances, show live, and delivered workshops as well as welcoming the public for dinners with the company.