nathalie béasse

trained at the College of Fine Arts and then at the CNR Art Dramatique in Angers, Nathalie Béasse also feeds on the contributions of Performing-Art which she experienced at the H.B.K. of Braunschweig in Germany; a school imbued with the teaching of Marina Abramovic. In 1995 she joined the group ZUR (a collective of performers-film makers).

From 1999 she founded her company to develop her own artistic practice, bordering on theatre, dance and visual arts. She was noticed with her first production Trop-plein.

Alongside a faithful team of performers, musicians and technicians, she has developed her own creative signature. happy child, wonderful world, tout semblait immobile, roses or even le bruit des arbres qui tombent explore the limits, between the real and the imaginary. At any moment we can switch from one universe to another: oneiric images unfold and the next moment takes the shape of unusual landscapes.

From September to December 2016, Nathalie and her company invited by Gwenaël Morin, performed at the Point du Jour theatre in Lyon. From 2015 to 2017 she was an associate artist at the Nantes Conservatory and presented 22nd and 23rd March 2017 song for you, a piece created with students on the specialized theatre programme and specialised music programme. In May 2017, she directed La Meute project in response to a commission from the Théâtre de la Bastille for the project Notre Chœur. Nathalie Béasse was invited to the 45th Venice Biennale - International Theatre Festival - from 25th July to 12th August 2017, presenting four of her shows as well as directing a professional masterclass.

For Occupation Bastille #3, Nathalie and her company invested the theatre and all it’s spaces from the 13th May to 29th June 2019. An occasion to revisit her repertoire and along side to invent short performances, in response to the space and the present moment. In November of the same year she created and premiered aux éclats… at Le Quai CDN-Angers, touring throughout the saison 2020-2021.

Echoing her work on stage, since 2005 Nathalie Béasse has developed a series of site specific performances that she conceives in an urban or natural environment. They are inspired by a place, a space that she interprets with bodies, stories, sounds, and light, which leads to a new way of seeing a landscape, an architecture. These works of immersion in a singular environment, often carried out for a short time, she wishes to continue to inscribe these site-specific creations with new collaborators.

She has created performances with all types of audiences: mentally ill adolescents, prisoners, professional actors or amateurs. From 2013 to 2016 Nathalie Béasse was an associate artist at Le Théâtre, scène nationale in St Nazaire and from 2019 associate artist at La Comédie, scène nationale in Clermont-Ferrand.
Since 2011, the company nathalie béasse has mutualised a space for artist residences, la cabine, with the collective Blast (fine artists) with an objective to welcome artists form visual arts, sound and performance

tal agam

graduated in 2001 as an engineer of sound from the Institute des Arts de Diffusion in Belgium. She continues her training in sound at the Southbank University in London graduating with a Masters in Architectural Engineering Acoustics. She starts her professional career with Wim Vandekeybus and Marc Ribot. She continues to collaborate on her new creation in 2001 'scratching the Inner fields'. Since 2006 Tal collaborates with different artists as a sound designer. With Zingaro for the theatre équestre, passing by street theatre with Décor Sonore, and the circus with Philippe Fenwick and Anna Rodriguez, and works closely in theatre with Stuart Seide, Bruno Geslin, François Parmentier, Mireille Perrier, et Pierre-Yves Chapalain. She proposes atmospheric music where the sound allows the spectator to feel and live the emotions. Tal joins the company nathalie béasse for her latest creation.


after growing up surrounded by a brase band, boochon refines his training in the conservatoire. He rejoins a wave of post punk becoming a base player for dirty hands, in the same groove as the influential group from Angers : les thugs.

After numerous concerts and 3 albums, boochon, in the same way as Jonathan Richman, composes rock music in French, falsely nieve, alone - at the sametime raw and tender.

He signed with Universal and 2 albums were created as part of this adventure.

Currently he forms the part of the group "des lion pour des lions", a post braseband or chants of dadaiste punchlines to affirm the necessity to humor our vitale trances.


Along side he also writes music for animation films (zob de moor, 1 minute au musée,…) and theatre. He composed and played live on stage for the shows; trop plein, last cowboys, landscape by the company nathalie béasse.

nicolas chavet

an author, composer, performer for his projects (le voyage de l'homme Apache, Medusa etc.) but also for others (Advertising, Alter K editions, communication agencies, theater etc.). Self-taught in guitar, vocals, piano and studio techniques since 1998. With no preferred style, he experiments over time and follows his desires. Today, he focuses on arranging, orchestrating and touring his immersive show.

sabrina delarue

trained as an actress at the Ecole de la rue Blanche (interpretation class of Nada Strancar and then Andrzej Seweryn), has collaborated in theater and opera (with Julie Brochen, Jacques Osinski), documentary writing (with Pierre Primetens, Jean-Baptiste Mathieu). She made a documentary essay, "La Maison en chemin." She is a stage director, dramatist, or artistic advisor for circus, dance, theater and street theater projects.

At the theater or in the cinema, she has worked under Michel Didym, Julie Brochen, Jacques Osinski, Denis Parent, Roy Lekus, Françoise Jolivet, Réza Khatibi, Stéphanie Sphyras, Maryline Charrier, Vincent de Cointet, Julien Zidi, Samuel Collardey...

She works regularly with the company nathalie béasse, she performed in nos petites meteorites, tout semblait immobile and ROSES.

estelle delcambre

in 2011, she created with Ivan Fatjo the duo Madriguera and the duo Work in progress. She also worked in "Spirale", a dance piece by  de Félicette Chazerand. In 2012, she met Satya Roosens with whom she collaborated on the project Fallen Thoughts and also maked a new version of the play Two sink, three floats. In 2014, she participated in the creation of Ils dormaient encore, a dance-theater blend for young audiences staged by Didier de Neck. In 2017 Estelle collaborated for the piece "FF+REW 60.00(REVISITED)"  choreographed by Ann Van Den Broek and toured with the work during 2018.
Currently, she is performing in le bruit des arbres qui tombent from the company nathalie béasse.

étienne fague

a Swiss performer, he trained in France (ENSATT 1998). He became a performer at the National Dramatic Centre of Besançon under the direction of Michel Dubois where he participated in creations based on Ibsen, O'Casey, Barker and Pirandello. From 1999 to 2009, he collaborated with the Jo Bithume Company in Angers. He also played Creon in Medea de Seneca, staged by Z. Gouram at the Théâtre des Amandiers in Nanterre; and performed the monologue Andy and I directed by Josée Drevon. He plays in Liliom staged by Frédéric Bélier-Garcia at the New Theater in Angers and in Cosmos directed by Dorian Rossel at the Vidy-Lausanne Theater. He plays Olaff Blond and Gloria Kino for the Atelier 48 of the Premiers Plans Festival (Angers). He takes on the role of John Cage in Merce Cunningham's How to Pass, Fall and Run under the direction of Robert Swinston.

He is also an actor for television in Kaamelott by Alexandre Astier, Off Prime and Héro Corp by Simon Astier, La Vie Secrète des Jeunes by Riad Sattouf directed by Basile Tronel and the series Pep's directed by Stéphan Kopecky and Denis Thibaud.

Since 2008, he has performed in happy child, wonderful world, tout semblait immobile and ROSES directed by Nathalie Béasse.

karim fatihi

actor trained at the Conservatoire d'Angers and INSAS in Brussels, performed under the direction of Claude Yersin, Isabelle Pousseur... and Virginie Fouchault with whom he co-founded the Théâtre d'Air. He is also interested in dance-theater (with Mark Tompkins, Valerie Berthelot) and became one of the performers for the theatre maker and director Nathalie Béasse in happy child, ROSES, le bruit des arbres qui tombent. He also works with Vlan Productions Or not to (after Hamlet) by Anne-Claude Romarie; With Art Zygote Company Assassin Hasse Karlsson (by Henning Mankell) by Valérie Berthelot; With the Banquet d'Avril company Suivre les morts (on the repatriations) of Monique Hervouët. He plays Diana (a transgender) of Arnaud Mercadier in the series Louis (e); Le Tribun in the feature film by Ismaël Ferroukhi Les hommes libres; General Datis in the series Vaincre à Marathon by Fabrice Hourlier for ARTE.

natalie gallard

lighting designer, works with theater and dance companies (nathalie béasse, Jo Bithume, Jacques Templeraud, Mêtis, Groupe Zur, Théâtre de l'échappée, Piment langue d'oiseau, Olivier Bodin, Esther Aumatell, Vent vif, Les migrateurs cosmiques, La mains d'œuvres-Amiens, yematicus, nom d’un bouc, rawlight ...), with bands such as: Lo'jo in Angers, Johnny Staccato band in Grenoble, Mathilde Lechat, Le Mans ARC. She also does lighting for museums and exhibitions (Garenne Lemot, Mont Saint Michel, Chateau de Chambord and various exhibitions of contemporary art). She has accompanied all the creations of the company nathalie béasse since its debut, as a lighting designer and tour manager.

pep garrigues

born in Spain he arrived in Buxelles at the age of 19 to prusue his dance training at P.A.R.T.S., the school created by Anne Teresa of Keersmaeder.  
After two microbiotic years, he continued his exploration in contemporary dance at EXERCE in Montpellier. After 7 months with Mathide Monnier, he started to question choreography at ESSAIS in Angers. Following this Pep joins the company nathalie béasse for landcape and also performed in wonderful world.
He started his company CEL RAS in Spain and develops his own research.
Pep works with Laure Bonicel, David Wampach, Alexis Armengol, Nathalie Béasse, Julian Hamylton, Éric Didry, Anne Lopez, Virginie Mirbeau, Fabrice Ramalingom, Philippe Saire and Christian Rizzo (mon amour - 2008, le syndrome ian - 2016).

erik gerken

actor, trained in Denmark at the Aarhus Academy of theatre with Maria Lexa, he has performed for the Radeau theatre / François Tanguy (Orphéon, Les cantates), Catherine Diverrès (Corpus), Madeleine Louarn with the Entresort theatre (Pushkin's Little Tragedies), Marie Vayssière (The Art of the Comedy by Eduardo de Filippo), Massimo Dean of the Kali & Co Company (Richard III, the Titanic) and the Mega Pobec Theater in Evreux In A: O. He also runs his own projects within the company Godot. He met Nathalie Béasse in 2008 and has since performed in all her shows.

béatrice godicheau

began her acting career in 1978 with Daniel Dupont on the set of the Théâtre de l'Alibi in Rennes playing Marivaux, R. Dubillard, H. V. Kleist, Lazarillo de Tormes, Ö V. Horvath, P. Weiss ...With the Centre Dramatique de Lorient / Jean Le Scouarnec, le Théâtre de l'instant de Brest / Bernard Lotti, le Théâtre du Jarnisy de Metz / Didier Patard, le Théâtre des pays de Loire d'Angers / Jean Guichard et Théâtre National de Rennes / Dominique Quehec. She participated in Alban Berg's operatic project Wozzeck directed by Daniel Barenboim at the national operatic theatre of Paris. In 2014 she worked with Nathalie Béasse in ROSES, after Richard III.

clément goupille

graduated in 2012 from the specialised programme of the Conservatoire of Nantes. During his training, he met several directors, actors and authors: Laurent Brethome, Virginie Fouchault, Thierry Raynaud, Sylvain Renard... He also trained in dance at the National Choreographic Center of Nantes, and danced for Maria la Ribot in Paradinstinguidas, as well as for Claude Brumachon in Folie. He worked with Nathalie Béasse during his INITIALES year (in partnership with the Théâtre Universitaire de Nantes) where he played as a solo performer The Bloody Dog is Dead. At the end of this project, he joined the company nathalie béasse and played in ROSES and le bruit des arbres qui tombent.

stéphane imbert

is a dancer, sculptor, he co-founded LUCANE with the dancer and photographer Aëla Labbé. After being trained in classical dance, he met Odile Dubocin during a national diploma for dance in schools. He collaborated as an artiste, assistant, and educational specialist for Odile Dubocin. He is currently pursuing this specific mode of transmission with a diverse public both amateurs and professionals.
Stéphane’s work as an artist is nourished by all his professional experiences as a dancer for and with: Georges Appaix, Michel Laubu, Nathalie Béasse, Thomas Lebrun, François Grippeau, Matthias Groos, Laurent Cebe....

sara lebreton

in 1996 Sara completed a degreee in fine art in Rennes and in 1999 gratuated from the Institute of decoration and layout of spaces in Bordeaux, She worked as a interier designer from 1997 to 2003, and then goes on to train in technical lighting for the stage at STAFF in 2003. Sara worked as a lighting technician for the theatre and exhibitions (Lieu Unique, Olympic, Stéréolux, Odyssée, Life, Fuzz'yon, Nouveau pavillon ..) and also for theatre, films and dance, with the following directors Maryline Leray, Marc Tsypkine de Kerblay, Hervé Guilloteau, Nathalie Béasse, Annabelle Sergent, Xavier Marchand, Brice Bernier...

Sara has also worked for muisc projects including; UTOPIC, le collectif ONE NAME, Mathilde Lechat Irène Jacob, François Ripoche, Barbarie Crespin.  

nicolas lespagnol-rizzi

trained in sound at ENSATT, Nicolas is a musician, composer and sound sculpter. In theatre he has worked with Johanny Bert, Richard Brunel, Pauline Bureau, Gilles Chavassieux, Hubert Colas, Guy Pierre Couleau, Julien Georges, Gruber Ballet Opéra, Armando Llamas, Arnaud Meunier, Emmanuel Mérieux, Éric Vautrin, Philippe Vincent, Camille Germser, Dominique Pitoiset, Pauline Sales, Ambra Senatore, Le théâtre du Centaure...?For a number of years he has been collaborating with Simon Delétang, Fabrice Melquiot and is part of the artistic group Groupe Sansdiscontinu. He participates regularly in the realisation of documentary films, art films and fictions.

cédric maurel

coming from rock and trans electronic music, Cédric "momojee" Maurel is a drummer and percussioniste from Angers. During the 90's and the start of the 00's, he inspiers the identity of the rock group Bell Œil, by his wildly affirming performance, he becomes interested in trans rituels : sénoufo, with iniciatives of Yelemba of Abidjan, qawwali (breathing chants) with Mastana, with Dhols of Jaipur  (ensemble of trans purcussions, ritual rajasthanie) where aïssawa with the fellowship of Rkeb Al Filali in Meknès.
He has trained and experimented through numerous journeys around the world, Momojee finally developed a simple percussion style, powerful, essential and charged with vibrations.
At the heart of Bell Œil (song), of Tamikrest (blues/rock touareg), or more recently with Des Lions pour Des Lions, he deepens his approach towards a rythmic minimalism. definively wild he is inspired by distorted and enriched traditions, Momojee is marked by his post-electronic performances. 

antoine monzonis-calvet

Started his artistic career as a electronic/experimental/post rock musician at the beginning of 2000, at that point regularly recording and publishing his work, either as part of different training programmes or under his own musical identity under French and international music labels. Under the name Atone he has produced/created music and sound scores for both theatre and dance. Firstly for students from the international school of dance in Angers (CNDC D’Angers) and then for choreographic projects for the artists Simonne Rizzo and Aline Landreau which he then became a close collaborator. Beyond the music and sound he also has given support and feedback for the scenography and lighting of the space. 
Antoine is also a technician for both sound and lighting for the following companies; company MAP, Omi Sissi, Rid’z company, Corps Archive or Plateau K among others.
For Nathalie Béasse he has composed the sound score for wonderful world and works as a sound technician.


julien parsy

a painter, trained at the College of Fine Arts in Angers, from which he graduated in 1998. He develops a landscape pictorial work of symbolic character. "This impulse towards the invisible at the heart of my work, brings in its wake attention to the world such as mythology, dreams, childhood, spirituality..."

His work has been the subject of several texts (Philippe Forest), invitations to residency (le lieu unique in Nantes, La Garenne-Lemot in Clisson, Domaine de Kerguéhennec in Brittany, residences in Russia on Lake Baikal and Slovenia) and numerous exhibitions in galleries and art centres. He is the artist of the painting in the show tout semblait immobile.

In parallel, Julien Parsy developed a work of musical composition close to his approach as a painter, ranging from sound atmospheres to folk ballads. He has composed the soundtracks Nathalie Béasse's shows for a decade.

anne reymann

trained at the EDDC in Arnhem (the Netherlands), at the Paris 8 University (Performing Arts) and at the Peter Goss School (Paris). Enticed by a dance anchored in scenery, she has worked since 1997 with the group ex-nihilo (Marseille). She collaborates with various companies or artists as a dancer - Olivier Farge, Régine Chopinot, Andréa Wasaff, Loïc Touzé, Nathalie Béasse and David Rolland - and as an outsider with Les Maladroits (object theatre) groupe Fluo (dance and installation), Les rustines de l’ange (musical show). She has been based in Nantes for about ten years, where she develops dance teaching activities in schools, universities and associations. And recently, has worked with underprivileged communities. 

camille trophème

actress and musician (piano & vocals) trained at the CNR of Tours, she works frequently with the company nathalie béasse (since 2003). She has performed in the shows Trop plein, happy child and tout semblait immobile and in situ goodnight, Sunny and So Sunny. With the Théâtre À Cru company, she has been a performer and composer (since 2006) in il y a quelqu'un, je suis, toi tu serais une fleur et moi à cheval, 8760 heures, Platonov, mais, J'avance et j'efface. She is also an actress in various short films (S.Bodin's l'auberge rouge, L'infante l'âne and l'architecte by L.Recio), and sang and composed in the group 'croque love,' and in one piano-voice duet with Cécile Capozzo. Since 2015, she has taught theater at Tours Conservatoire.