chantiers nomades - stage afdas pour comédiens/danseurs

June 26 to July 7, 2023
a sensitive and intimate approach to performing with Nathalie Béasse
date to be confirmed
Chantier/workshop open to 15 professional actors and dancers. 
“in this workshop, we will question the actor and his or her personal world, whilst giving creative material to perform and play; objects, music, sorties and memories….”
As a starting point of our research we will firstly observe the body in the space. It’s a progressive playful process, through energetic exercises (movements, falls, jumps, rhythms and contact), looking at the following questions: how to be present in a space? How to walk? How to move? How to react to each other? 

midis lyriques

Les midis lyriques – La Comédie de Colmar in partnership with Opéra National du Rhin
From 3rd to 8th Febuary 2020, Nathalie Béasse directed young opera singers from the Opéra Studio de Colmar in Heure Espagnole by Maurice Ravel. 

This work was presented : 
- 8 th and 10th Febuary 2020, La Comédie de Colmar France
- 15th Febuary 2020, L'Opéra du Rhin - Strasbourg France


workshop around the theme of reunions by Nathalie Béasse
13th - 15th june 2019
théâtre de la bastille - paris
During the residencies in France and abroad, Nathalie Béasse has directed workshops with a number of artists/performers that constitutes a sense of belonging to a large family.
As part of OCCUPATION #3 at the téhâtre de la bastille, Nathalie Béasse brings together around fifty performers for three days to continue to search and invent new scenes and tableaux in echo with her shows.

histoire d’être là maintenant avec vous...

workshop directed by Nathalie Béasse
5th - 15th september 2017 - at the Canal Théâtre de Redon

professional training organised by ARMETI 

for professional artists/actors/dancers/performers.

experience needed in physical approach to the stage.


In relation with her work, Nathalie Béasse feels the necessity to a sensitive approach to the body, intimate and shareable, listening to ones self and others, to ones sensations, in a simple encounter and the possibility to give confidence in the imagination. 

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all you need...

workshops inspired by the story of Jean Seberg during the Venise International Theatre Festival
31st july - 10th august 2017
conception nathalie béasse
with giulio cavallini, clara de pin, davide dolores, ugo flore, estelle franco, jeanne brouaye, joana knezevic, sena lippi, eleonora panizzo, anna rot, emilia verginelli, matteo vignati, hervé walbecq

We will be working from the story of Jean Seberg, on her films, her political stand and her intermate life.

The actor will be moving between a story, a speach, an emotion, an image, a piece of music, a dialogue from a film...

We will be searching and researching a sensitive approach on the physical body, intimate and shareable, listening to ones self and others, to ones sensations, in a simple encounter. The actor will work on an image both private and public of Jean Seberg as well as bring their own individuality. So that this story becomes stories, to be able to appraoch this woman in her own time, to hear her voice, to discover more than just her and ourselves...

for more information: Biennale College -Teatro workshop

la meute

a propostition from Nathalie Béasse in reply to a commission from Théâtre de la Bastille in Paris for the project Notre chœur.
17th - 21st may 2017
conceived and directed by nathalie béasse
assisted by clément goupille
production association le sens / coproduction théâtre de la Bastille - Paris

La Meute is firstly a series of 3 workshops with 20 amaters to look at Nathalie's artistique language. Throughout her works Nathalie Béasse questions; what unites and divides siblings, a tribe. What creates and dissolves the relationships between people.

song for you

conceived and directed by nathalie béasse
22nd and 23rd march at TU-Nantes
with valentin, elisa, damien, mizuki, romain, lucie, mickaël, coline, baptiste, hugo, jonathan, jonas, victor, sacha, loris, marie, mathieu

After an immersion, last year with the performers from the Cycle Spécialisé Théâtre (Nantes conservatoire) in a space where all our senses are awakended we continue to clear a path in the forest. The musicians from the Cycle Spécialisé Musiques Actuelles (Nantes conservatoire) are joining us this year to dig and search with us...


The group is now an entity of 17 heads. This tribe will speak of thier stories of brotherhood, entounters, humanity...


With fragments of textes of litterature, theater, poetry, songs, we will compose a musical partition. All of this so that one story becomes many stories...


The goal is to find the poetry in a song, by and with ones body. each one is a partner of the other, the music becomes the partener of the actor, a sort of apponent to be confronted, at the same level of importance as the space and the elements of the stage.


To be in the present moment, in the pleasure of planing like children and the sing for you.

Nathalie Béasse

coproduction : association le sens and le Conservatoire de Nantes