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'La cabine' is a platform for emerging artist's practice, in performance, theatre, dance and fine art. This project was born from shared thoughts for the identity of the Daviers’ Culture Space (Espace Culturel Daviers), conducted by the Anger’s cultural department, the company LOBA, the Le COLLECTIF BLAST, and the company nathalie béasse. These three organisations are invested in the research & development of professional artists, concerned by the exchange and development of culture in the region and beyond. Each are engaged in their own way in the process of sharing with guest artists the working spaces, eventually leading to presentations of the artist's work.
Associated with COLLECTIF BLAST, the company nathalie béasse invites artists each month to use 'la cabine' studio, la cabine, located in the pad for experimentation, research and development, to work towards finishing a project and share the work with a work-in-progress presentation.


la cabine / pad - season 2019/2020

artists invited by the company nathalie béasse

Justin Palermo  
from september 10 to october 10, 2020
in partnership with Le Collectif BLAST
>> Justin will be present on friday and saturday from 1pm to 7pm and each sunday from 2pm to 7pm. 
Corentin Le Flohic dance*
from october 12 to october 25, 2020
Talia De Vries & El Manisero dance* 
from november 1st to november 15, 2020 - postponed
Thomas Tilly music
from november 12 to december 1st, 2021
in partnership with Myriagone

Collectif MapaSo dance/theater
from january 18 to january 22, 2021 & from february 15 to february 19, 2021 

Alvaro Martinez sound theater
from february 1st to february 13, 2021

Cie Atelier de Papier sound performance
from march 1st to march 15, 2021
in partnership with Le Collectif BLAST
Association b&n artistic performance
from march 29 to april 10, 2021
Stéphane Menti artistic performance  
from april 27 to may 15, 2021
Cie Furieux Désir performance
from june 15 to june 26, 2020
* shared residence Honolulu, Nantes
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  • saison 2019/2020
    • Léa Lourmière Danse, Toulouse / France
    • Timothée Demoury Lecture musicale, Lozère / France
    • Corentin Le Flohic Danse, Paris / France / report saison 2020
    • Sarane Lecompte Dessins, Le Possonière / France
    • AGAMFAHY Installation, Paris / France
    • Kidows Kim Danse, Montpellier / France
    • Hugues Sanchez & Guilhem Bezzina Cinéma / musique, Paris / France
    • Justin Palermo Exposition, La Possonière / France / report saison 2020
    • Cie Furieux Désir Performance, Cahors / France / report saison 2020
  • saison 2018/2019
  • saison 2017/2018
    • Katerina Andreou Danse / France
    • Wilfried Thierry Son, vidéo, théâtre / France
    • Madeleine Fournier Danse Angers / France
    • Tidiani N'diaye Danse / France
    • Kidows Kim Danse / Corée, France
    • Justin Palermo Installation Angers / France
    • Benoît Travers Performance Nantes / France
    • Virginie Thomas et Céline Dauvergne Danse, paysage / France
    • Clément Aubert Danse Paris / France
  • saison 2016/2017
    • Stefano Canapa et Antoine Birot Performance image et son Paris, Angers / France
    • Le joli collectif // Enora Boëlle Corps et texte Hédé / France
    • Aline Landreau Performance, danse Nantes / France
    • Miss High Leg Kick // Francesca Baglione Performance, danse / Angleterre
    • FLOP Installation lumière et ombres Brain sur longuené / France
    • David Boidin et Loredana Lanciano Installation, concert Angers / France
    • Pierre Berthet et Rie Nakajima Concert, installation / France, Japon
    • Justin Palermo et Sarane Lecompte Performance, installation La possonière / France
  • saison 2015/2016
    • Compagnie Acajou // Delphine Demont Danse Paris / France
    • Katerina Andreou Danse Nantes / France
    • Raphaël Ilias Son Angers / France
    • Elisa Lecuru Théâtre Angers / France
    • Festival FORMA Pratiques expérimentales / France
    • Same same but different Performance Angers, Anvers / France
    • Benoît Travers Performance Nantes / France
    • Sarah Pelerin-Ott Danse Angers / France
    • Neil Callaghan et Simone Kenyon Performance, danse Angers / France
    • Valentin Verron Exposition de dessins mis en scène Angers / France
    • Katerina Andreou Danse Angers, Tours / France
  • saison 2014/2015
    • Laura Bottereau et Marine Fiquet Installation, dessins Angers / France
    • Miss High Leg Kick // Francesca Baglione Performance, danse / Angleterre
    • Thomas Fourneau et Aleksandra Osowicz Performance, théâtre Marseille / France, Pologne
    • Laurie Peschier-Pimont et Lauriane Houbey Danse Nantes, Paris / France
    • Stomach Company // Coline Morange et Heike Bröckerhoff Théâtre Nantes / France, Allemagne
    • Alvaro Martinez et Nathalie Forget Performance, son Angers, Paris / France
    • Association EDA // Sarah Pellerin-Ott, Maud Albertier et Jonas Chéreau Danse Angers / France
    • Antoine Fraval et Augusto Corrieri Performance Angers, Londres / France, Angleterre
  • saison 2013/2014
    • Marcella Santander et Clarisse Chanel Performance, danse Paris / France
    • Pep Garrigues Performance, danse Paris / France
    • Agnieszka Ryszkiewicz Danse Paris / France
    • Laure Chartier et Freija Wouters Installation, performance Angers / France, Belgique
    • Augusto Corrieri Performance Londres / Angleterre
    • Groupenfonction // Boris Hennion, Emilie Labédan, Denis Robert et Roberto Martinez Performance, théâtre, danse Bruxelles / Belgique
  • saison 2012/2013
    • Jérôme Leclair et Simon Batardière Son et cinéma Angers / France
    • Marie Lancelin Performance, cinéma Nantes / France
    • Wilfried Nail Installation, performance vidéo Nantes / France
    • Eri Virag et Rannou Emmanuel Performance et son
    • Sandrine Weiss Théâtre Angers / France
  • saison 2011/2012
    • Projet Dreamer // Florian Tositti et Raphaël Ilias Laboratoire de recherche son Angers / France
    • Nathalie Béasse Metteur en scène Angers / France
    • Aline Landreau et Guillaume Louvigny (GUŸÔM) Performance chorégraphique et sonore Angers / France
    • Projet cinéma, association SINEQUANON // Arianne Allemandi Recherche autour d'un film, projection et débat
    • Laurie Peschier-Pimont Performance, projet promenade in situ Paris / France
    • Amandine Portelli Installation Angers / France