created by nathalie béasse
with sabrina delarue, étienne fague, karim fatihi, erik gerken,
béatrice godicheau, clément goupille, anne reymann
lighting by natalie gallard
music nicolas chavet, julien parsy
fragments of shakespeare's richard III, traduction by jean-michel déprats

roses would be like a fresco of Carpaccio or Piero de la Francesca, with stories in the foreground (battles), and then the view pans across the picture and meets other stories in the background (a man alone near a cave). The spectator acts with his imagination on the narrative, which is not a conventional narrative, but rather flashes, fragments, specific moments that all evoke Richard's relationship with his brothers, his mother... Here it is not the figure of the monstrous Richard that is central, but the others, and all that revolves around this sordid family history, the relationships that the individual maintains with his environment.

roses is like an organic experience of Shakespeare and Richard III, it is a physical experience like a marathon, where one falls, one gets up, bursts out laughing and then weeps...

roses is a montage of scenes where the tragic and the comic walk a tight rope... This text is like modeling clay, to be experienced in the same way as the body, as space and all the materials on stage.

roses also questions the stage, writing for the theatre, its construction, the space of mental projection. Rather than an adaptation, it is an exploration of the text and its universe.

The text will sometimes be replaced by the body, by silences, by empty spaces. As is often the case, an image presides over creation: an immense table around which the whole family is united, the scenography becomes text.

After wonderful world and tout semblait immobile, words acquires a new importance in roses it does not deprive itself of its profoundly plastic character.

As a ghost might well be Richard III himself, played in turn by the four male actors on stage, as if to emphasize that he is potentially in each of us, that he is a state of body and mind. Nathalie Béasse.

Production Company Nathalie Béasse/association le sens.
Coproduction : Le théâtre - scène nationale of Saint-Nazaire, the Nouveau Théâtre d'Angers – centre dramatique national d'Angers, Théâtre de la Bastille -Paris, le Lieu Unique - scène nationale of Nantes.  With support on residences by : Théâtre des Bernardines (Marseille), La Halle aux Grains - scène nationale of  Blois and  the 3bisF - lieu d'arts contemporains  (Aix-en-Provence). The company nathalie béasse is core funded by the État, Direction régionale des affaires culturelles (DRAC) des Pays de la Loire - France, and by the Conseil régional - Pays de la Loire, the company also recieves support and funding from the Ville d'Angers.
Nathalie Béasse was an associated artist at Le Théatre, scène nationale de Saint-Nazaire from 2012 to 2015

past shows

2019 | 21 - May 25

Théâtre de la Bastille – occupation 3* - Paris (France)

2019 | 2 - April 4

La Comédie – scène nationale - Clermont-Ferrand (France)

2017 | July, 29

The Venice Biennale (Italy)

2016 | March, 1

Théâtre Municipal - Coutances (France)

2016 | February, 25

Le Vivat - Armentières (France)

2016 | January, 26 - 27

CDN de Haute-Normandie - Rouen (France)

2016 | January, 12

L'Estive - Foix (France)

2015 | 19 - May 21

Théâtre des Bernardines - Marseille (France)

2015 | 6 - January 31

Le Théâtre de la Bastille - Paris (France)

2014 | December, 5

La Halles aux Grains - Blois (France)

2014 | 26 - November 28

Nouveau Théâtre d'Angers (France)

2014 | 14 - October 16

Le Lieu Unique - Nantes (France)

2014 | October, 9 - 10

Le Théâtre - St Nazaire (France)


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