concept, scenography and direction by nathalie béasse 
with camille trophème, jacques templeraud, sandrine weiss
lighting natalie gallard
music julien parsy
produced at La Fonderie dans le cadre de Voisinages 2006 / Région Pays de la Loire, France

For the in situ project, nathalie béasse chooses to invest in non theatrical spaces, to work with spaces between people, on the empty spaces and the full spaces between them. To evoke, in a very concrete space and close proximity, stories of memory loss, erasing. Giving another vision of the space, not from the set but only from movement, sound, light and above all a film.

With the support of DRAC Pays de la Loire, the Conseil Régional Pays de la Loire, the Conseil Général Maine et Loire, and the Crédit Coopératif, Angers.