wonderful world

choregraphy, direction, scenography : nathalie béasse / with étienne fague, karim fatihi, érik gerken, pep garrigues, stéphane imbert / sound score : antoine monzonis-calvet / lighting : natalie gallard

wonderful world was created within two days of working in an old submarine base, Le Life in Saint-Nazaire, France. I had imagined a man who comes running from afar to announce something to us. I am very sensitive to spaces. I listen a lot to the architectures, what the spaces are 'saying'. We could therefore say this is a performance of poetic anticipation.
The men that have escaped from somewhere, a catastrophe, or maybe escaping only from themselves, their own condition, their body…
One man wants to speak, but he can’t, a man wants to laugh, but he can’t.
It starts like a film, in a space between the car park and the hall of an old congress centre… They are projected in front, very close to us, they are speaking to us in the present, immediate, with an urgency.
"Why have we come to this forest, this deep wood without sunlight? Why, old brother, have we frightened the owls….? Why have we disturbed them? How they lived for their singing! Here everything is in order, old brother, as it should be in a forest" The forest – Alexandre Ostrovski

This project is co-produced by the CNDC National Contemporary Dance Centre, Angers, L’EPCC Le Quai, Angers, the Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers – Centre Dramatique National Pays de la Loire, the TU – Nantes, the Lieu unique – national scene de Nantes, Le Fanal – national scene, Saint-Nazaire, the 3bisf – lieu d’arts contemporains in Aix, and by the Halle aux Grains – national scene of Blois.
The company nathalie béasse is supported by the Region of Pays de la Loire and the Minister of Culture and Communication / DRAC Pays de la Loire, the Department of Maine et Loire, the city of Angers and the Mécène and Loire.

past shows

2015 | March, 15 - 16

Le Lieu Unique - Nantes (France)

2013 | May, 30

Théâtre d'Orléans (France)

2013 | February, 23

Théâtre Louis Aragon - Tremblay-en-France (France)

2012 | December, 11 - 12

Théâtre National la Criée - Marseille (France)

2012 | 20 - October 23

Nouvel Olympia / CDR - Tours (France)

2012 | January, 23 - February, 2

Le Théâtre de la Bastille - Paris (France)

2011 | November, 29 - 30

La Halles aux Grains - Blois (France)

2011 | November, 24 - 25

Le Quai - Angers (France)

2011 | November, 17 - 18

Le Grand R - La-Roche-sur-Yon (France)

2011 | November, 4

Le Fanal - St Nazaire (France)


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