song for you

conceived and directed by nathalie béasse
wednesday 22nd and thursday 23rd march at 20h30 at TU-Nantes
with Valentin, Elisa, Damien, Mizuki, Romain, Lucie, Mickaël, Coline, Baptiste, Hugo, Jonathan, Jonas, Victor, Sacha, Loris, Marie, Mathieu

After an immersion, last year with the performers from the Cycle Spécialisé Théâtre (Nantes conservatoire) in a space where all our senses are awakended we continue to clear a path in the forest. The musicians from the Cycle Spécialisé Musiques Actuelles (Nantes conservatoire) are joining us this year to dig and search with us...


The group is now an entity of 17 heads. This tribe will speak of thier stories of brotherhood, entounters, humanity...


With fragments of textes of litterature, theater, poetry, songs, we will compose a musical partition. All of this so that one story becomes many stories...


The goal is to find the poetry in a song, by and with ones body. each one is a partner of the other, the music becomes the partener of the actor, a sort of apponent to be confronted, at the same level of importance as the space and the elements of the stage.


To be in the present moment, in the pleasure of planing like children and the sing for you.

Nathalie Béasse

coproduction : association le sens and le Conservatoire de Nantes